Welcome to the future 2020 – FIRE Panda Family Update

Happy new year everyone and I hope the coming financial years will be good ones to you and your family. New years always make me excited and energized on how I can set new goals and add momentum on financial independence and retiring early. I know that every year that goes by that’s just oneContinue reading “Welcome to the future 2020 – FIRE Panda Family Update”

Where to for the housing market?

The Australian national housing market is bouncing back from a period of negative growth, due to lower interest rates and relaxation of lending criteria. Let’s take a look at the main capital city housing markets and provide our view of where they are headed in the next 12 months. With population growth remaining solid, macro-economicContinue reading “Where to for the housing market?”

The risk of speculative shares

I have just sold one of my speculative share investments. I really believed in the technology and the company was Australian owned and operated. With many shares of this nature you are really hoping that the company can turn their dream into reality and ultimately a steady revenue stream. However many companies wont make itContinue reading “The risk of speculative shares”