Little Panda’s Corner

About little Panda

Hi there! I am little panda and I’m 6 years old. This is where Dad types things I say and want. It is pretty cool he gave me a room on the internet. Whatever that is.

At the moment my job is going to school, I will be in year 1 next year. I don’t learn anything about money at school.


I want to save for a Boo dog it costs thousands of dollars… but it’s “sooo” cute.

I like going on holidays with mum and dad

I would like to buy a doll house


I have 3 jars of money, one for saving, spending and giving. Mum helped me clean the jars.

I also have a bank account

I get money on special days, like my birthday.

Things I say

Dad “Little panda what is a credit card for?” Answer “Money?”

Dad “How much money do you think I make?” Answer “$1 dollar?”

Dad “What is interest on money?” Answer “You like money.”

Financial Overview

Money Jars – Saving ($42) Spending ($23) Giving ($10)

Bank Account – Balance is at $493.08 and interest rate is at 4%

Bonus Saver – Balance is at $1,700.73 monthly deposit is $250.

Grand Total – $2269


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