What is the most important thing in your life?

This month is an interesting month. I had to go to 3 different hospitals across 2 countries to see different close family. It’s a month that made me second guess what should be the priority in my life!

My priority goals

1. Get FI by year 2024.

2. Reduce or have the option to quit my job

3. Eat and live healthier

4. Travel around Australia

However being able to achieve #1 does take some sacrifices. I had to work full time with a higher paid job but obviously it comes with more stress as well, which is not necessarily good for my mental health. But what option do I have? Maybe I could potentially be cutting some of my other expenses to push my saving rate to 70%? Maybe I could downsize to reduce the outstanding loans?

Options to speed up FI so that I can start my early retirement I think it is not worth spending 40 hours a week working and spending the rest of my life potentially lying in a hospital bed after retirement at the age of 65!

1. I am going to reduce my meat intake, this is a way to hopefully help with living healthier and also reducing the shopping bill.

2. Push out household saving rate to 70%, at the moment it is around 65%

3. Look into if rent-vesting will fast track the FIRE end game

I need to make sure that I look after my body especially as I head towards the later half of my life.

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