About Us

About the FIRE Panda Family

This is the first post on the FIRE panda family blog. I thought this would be a good way to introduce the family and provide an overview of the site.

We are an average family working in IT that started thinking about FIRE when we realized that we were a lot closer to retiring than we actually thought. The more we though and planned about it the more motivated we became to achieving our goals. We also had friends and colleagues ask us advice about various topics including property investing and shares. So we thought why not create a blog and share any tips that was useful to them and us.

The site can be broken down into four main areas, on the home page you fill find the ability to go to each main portal area.

One portal is to our current overall financial position and FIRE end date.

There is a portal to Papa Panda, Mama Panda and Little Panda area which deals with Property, Shares, and Budgeting respectively. There are also other blogs and articles which are of interest to each family member.

Hopefully you will also find something useful or interesting in your FIRE journey. Add a comment to any of the pages or just send us an email, we would love to hear from you.


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